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To submit a new contribution to AGATHÓN:
1. Download and follow the Editorial Guidelines for Authors
2. Read the Mod_Review Form used by Referees to evaluate your contribution
3. Download and use exclusively the Abstract Format_ENG and the Paper Format_ENG
4. Sent your contribution in .docx (word) file directly to; imagine files must be sent to the same address but via
Contributions with layouts, Editorial Guidelines for Authors and transmission methods different from those requested or delayed will not be accepted.

Article Processing Charges (APC)
In order to cover the costs of running the Journal, AGATHÓN has decided to avail itself of a contribution from the Authors of the individual articles; they are therefore invited to contribute financially towards the editorial services (APC – Article Processing Charge), only if the paper is accepted for publication, after the peer-review process and any potential revision of the manuscript. The contribution for Authors of a single paper is set at: € 150,00 for DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med. Members; € 200,00 for others. In the case of paper written by more Authors, the article publication fee will be increased by € 50 for each corresponding Author in addition to the first one. The fee must be paid in accordance with the directions that will be sent to Authors at the same time as the communication. The fee must be paid via bank transfer: DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med., UNICREDIT Bank, Viale della Libertà, Palermo (IT); IBAN: IT 06 T 02008 04638 000104623621; Swift/BIC: UNCRITM1856.
To encourage the publication of contributions by Authors with a primary affiliation in countries defined by the World Bank as "low-income and lower-middle-income economies", AGATHÓN will select a maximum of two authors to publish their contribution for free, subject to the positive outcome of the double-blind peer review process.


Your paper will be evaluated by the Referees in relation to “general interest”, “scientific value”, “originality”, "drafting quality” and “clarity of the contents”, according to the evaluation form (Mod_Review Form) which will be sent to them.
For the drafting of the Paper, the Editorial Board recommends to the Authors to use the suggestions that follow (it is not, however, necessary that the paper reports as many paragraphs).
Correct references must be made both in the text and in the bibliography/list of references. The citation style is reported in Editorial Guidelines for Authors.
The Introduction should be long enough to develop the paper's statement of proposal and explain the background of the topic (with an appropriate number of updated reference), but it should not take precedence over the rest of the paper.
The main body of the paper must report clearly:
- originality, innovativeness, the importance of the topic, and Author's contribution to the topic;
- advancement of knowledge for the disciplinary sector;
- methodology and phases of the research (in the case of experiments, reporting enough details to allow reproducibility);
- subjects involved and financing (if any);
- objectives and results achieved;
- analytical aspects and proposals for discussion.
The Conclusions review progress on:
- de facto state of research at the time of writing;
- limitations of research;
- significant developments;
- cultural, practical and/or socio-economic implications, wherever present.
- possibility of bringing the results back to generalizable and applicable guidelines in other contexts.
In general, the following questions must be answered from the reading of the paper:
- Who can be interested in this contribution (essay or research) and why?
- Is the contribution relevant for an international interdisciplinary audience and for the purposes of AGATHÓN?
- Does the paper present a critical understanding of the literature, experiments and theories of the reference disciplinary sector?
- Does the Author explain how he expands this knowledge?
- Are the references updated? Are all references relevant and complete?
- Do all the elements of the contribution refer logically to the declaration of intent of the study? Is there clarity of objectives, structure and expression?
- Is the narrative argumentation detailed and appropriate?
- Does the title and the abstract accurately describe the contents?
- Are the terms and contexts clearly explained for the international scientific community?
and in the specific case of "Research & Experimentation":
- Are the methodology and work phases clearly illustrated and make the study easily reproducible? Are they appropriate to the objectives and aims of the research?
- Are the tests or results reliable?
- Are the results communicated clearly and concisely?
- Is the analysis and interpretation of the results appropriate?
- Are the conclusions sufficiently based on the experimentation performed? Logically follow the data presented?
- Are the limits of research recognized and discussed?
- Do the conclusions demonstrate a real understanding of the subject?
- Are the cultural, practical and / or socio-economic implications presented? Are they consistent with the tests performed, the results obtained and the topics covered?
- Are future significant developments presented?
For the "Review Articles", the Editorial Board recommends to the Authors to use the suggestions reported in
Palmatier, R. W., Houston, M. B. and Hulland, J. (2017), “Review articles: purpose, process, and structure”, in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, January 2018, vol. 46, issue 1, pp. 1–5. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2019].