Teaching and international competitions: objectives, methods and experiences

  • Simona Colajanni University of Palermo
Keywords: international design competition, teaching, sustainable development


The paper presents, in a wider European panorama about methodologies used for university teaching inside the schools of Engineering and Architecture, the outcomes of a collaboration started in 2005 between the Polytechnic of Milano – Lecco Regional Campus and the University of Palermo which has as its object the participation of teachers and students coming from European and Asian Universities to an International Competition of Sustainable Design. The issues developed during this decade of collaboration had constituted an opportunity to involve the debate, currently underway, about Architectural-Engineering which, in recent years, is experiencing a profound crisis by the professional market with particular attention to the Southern one.

Author Biography

Simona Colajanni, University of Palermo

Associate Professor in Technical Architecture at the Department of Architecture; she is responsible for PADesign srl academic spin-off.
E-mail: simona.colajanni@unipa.it


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Integrated solar greenhouse system and fan coil system inside one of the Ajovalasit Pavilions built with a reinforced concrete structure
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