Teaching Architecture in Palermo


  • Andrea Sciascia University of Palermo




architecture, training, teaching, profession, project teaching


The essay focuses on today’s education at the Architecture University of Palermo, outlining a general context from two points of view. The first one identifies some peculiarities developed in about two hundred years of history, from the birth of the Chair of Civil and Static Architecture, inside the Royal Academy of Studies (1779), to that of the foundation of the Faculty of Architecture (1944). The second one refers itself to a chronologically narrower field able to highlight the last decades and analyze the elements of continuity and discontinuity during about two centuries of history and, moreover, the most recent transformation process of the architect-teacher figure. As a whole, the overall image that results is, at the same time, the survey and the design of the Faculty of Architecture, whose legacy is merged into the homonymous Department and, as regards the teaching activity, in the five-year degree course in Architecture.


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Author Biography

Andrea Sciascia, University of Palermo

Architect and PhD, he is Full Professor of Architectural and Urban Design and since 2015 is the Head of the Department of Architecture. From 2012 to 2015 he was Coordinator of the Degree Course in Architecture LM4, where he teaches Architectural Design. His studies focus mainly on modern architecture, architecture for liturgy and the interaction between theory and practice in architectural design. A substantial part of his research consists of the design activity, marked by awards and prizes. He is the author of many essays and articles published on the main Italian and international journals in the field of architectural design.
E-mail: andrea.sciascia@unipa.it


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- P. Culotta, G. Laudicina, G. Leone and T. Marra, Faculty of Architecture of Palermo. Model of the overall architectural design, 1989




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