Industry 4.0: building and the new training demand


  • Adriana Scarlet Sferra La Sapienza University of Roma



industry 4.0, digitalization, didactic experimentation, building technology, competence center


A comparison between Schools of Architecture requires a preliminary analysis of the political, economic and social contexts within which systems, education and projects are placed. An analysis is necessary to evaluate suitable educational experiments, such as the one presented here in the fields of Architectural Technology, particularly attentive to the quality of the project, to the essential understanding of the construction sector’s transition to Industry 4.0 and the new needs expressed by society. The first positive results outline possible paths that could be hoped for with a greater and more adequate availability of resources to Universities.


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Author Biography

Adriana Scarlet Sferra, La Sapienza University of Roma

Architect and PhD, she is a Researcher in Technological Architecture at the PDTA Department; she performs educational and research activities focused on the themes of technological innovation combined with environmental sustainability whose multiple experiences, including international ones, are found in several publications.


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Robot (Pin) laying hollow bricks on a construction site (photo by Tibbo)




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