Thinking constructible: laboratory teaching between technology and project


  • Sergio Rinaldi 'Luigi Vanvitelli' University of Campania
  • Gianmarco Chiribiri
  • Mariarosaria Arena 'Luigi Vanvitelli' University of Campania



technological design, didactic experimentation, small scale, digital tools, BIM


The paper presents the teaching of a Laboratory of Technological Design in which students are guided in a project experience, on a small scale, in which to verify the relationship between design and construction of architecture. The educational objective is to educate to a conscious planning in which the bonds are opportunities and the architecture becomes seed for the construction of a quality habitat able to valorize the man, the history and the environment. A gradual process is proposed for the acquisition and application of methodologies and operating tools from the initial phases of conception to the detailed choices necessary for the implementation of the architectural project.


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Author Biographies

Sergio Rinaldi, 'Luigi Vanvitelli' University of Campania

Associate Professor of Technology of Architecture at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design.

Gianmarco Chiribiri

Architect, since 2016 he has been Team Leader of the students participating in the Solar Decathlon 2018 competition.

Mariarosaria Arena, 'Luigi Vanvitelli' University of Campania

PhD in Technology of Architecture and Environment at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design.


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Construction of the new envelope at openings and on a blind wall, of the new floors and partitions: characterization of functional layers and materials necessary for the definition of the BIM model




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Rinaldi, S., Chiribiri, G. and Arena, M. (2018) “Thinking constructible: laboratory teaching between technology and project”, AGATHÓN | International Journal of Architecture, Art and Design, 3(online), pp. 77–82. doi: 10.19229/2464-9309/3112018.



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