Agreement between DiArc-UNINA Italy and CoA-UPD Philippines: thoughts by coordinators


  • Candida Maria Vassallo 'Federico II' University of Napoli



agreement Italy/Philippines, design/process, post-emergency, affinity/differences


The article presents the first three years, of study and research activities, in the field of post-emergency design in the Philippines, carried out within the International Agreement between the Department of Architecture of the University Federico II of Naples (DiArc- UNINA) and the College of the Architecture of the University of the Philippine Diliman (CoA-UPD). Through the interview with coordinators Pasquale Miano for DiArc-UNINA, Gerard Rey Lico and Danilo Jose Silvestre for CoA-UPD, it focuses on the affinities and the differences of the design approaches used.


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Author Biography

Candida Maria Vassallo, 'Federico II' University of Napoli

PhD in Architecture, she is co-Coordinator of the International Agreement with the CoA-UPD; she has gained a decade of professional experience in Post-emergency Reconstruction Programs with Government Agencies, UN-agencies and InGOs in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mali, Montenegro, Eritrea.


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Design proposal: Dimiao and Loon, Bohol, Philippines (credits: F. Vardaro, F. Sommella, 2016).




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Vassallo, C. M. (2018) “Agreement between DiArc-UNINA Italy and CoA-UPD Philippines: thoughts by coordinators”, AGATHÓN | International Journal of Architecture, Art and Design, 3(online), pp. 159–166. doi: 10.19229/2464-9309/3212018.



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