Houses in the Wood to enjoy the Sun and the Stars


  • Elena Mucelli University of Bologna



medmediterranean architecture, house, hotel in the wood


In 1938, Gio Ponti and Bernard Rudofsky worked out a project for a hotel in the woods in which architecture and landscape should blend into one in an endless toeing and froing whereby the indoor spills into the outdoor and the landscape breaks into the house. Based on Ponti’s original drawings, the author goes through the space of one of the hotel rooms by building a physical model of it. The photographs of the hotel, taken from the perspectives mentioned by the author and the angle argued from the general layout, are a way to understand the relationships between man, architecture and landscape, as suggested by the drawings and descriptions of the project.


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Author Biography

Elena Mucelli, University of Bologna

Architect, she is Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and teaches Architectural Composition. The main core of her research concerns the theme of residence and leisure places in the coastal city, with particular reference to the new landscape intervention models.


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