Spatial design. Experiences and experiments of urban regeneration for a possible taxonomy


  • Carlo Martino 'Sapienza’ University of Rome (Italy)
  • Meltem Eti Proto University of Marmara (Turkey)
  • Silvia Cosentino 'Sapienza’ University of Rome (Italy)



design of public space, interstitial spaces, design of spaces for the user, design of spaces for nature, design of spaces for criticism


The role played by the culture of Design in the context of the planning of public space has evolved over time. In the sphere of Architecture, the 1990s saw the opening of an international debate that encouraged a process of revising the training methods adopted until that time, in favour of new ones capable of placing people – the true users of objects, spaces, and architectures – at the centre. This raised the possibility of breaking down certain disciplinary boundaries in favour of a transdiscipline, the Design of Spaces and Architectures. Spatial Design calls back into question many of the assumptions of the Urban Planning and Architecture of the short century, starting precisely from the relationship between Space and the user. Through recent case studies, this essay proposes an embryonic taxonomy of public space, basing its perspective upon the scientific principle of the recurrence of certain design solutions.


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Author Biographies

Carlo Martino, 'Sapienza’ University of Rome (Italy)

Architect-Designer and PhD, He is a Full Professor of Industrial Design. He carries out research in the languages and aesthetics of contemporary design and on the contribution that design can make to the Natural Capital and the relationship between Identity, Territory, and Multiculturalism.

Meltem Eti Proto, University of Marmara (Turkey)

Interior Architect, is a Full Professor in the Department of Interior Architecture. He has curated and taken part in several national and international art and design exhibitions. She carries out research mainly in the area of 3D printing and design.

Silvia Cosentino, 'Sapienza’ University of Rome (Italy)

Designer, She is a PhD Candidate at the PDTA. She carries out research mainly in the area of design connected to the concept of physical as digital space.


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Kavuşma durağı in Taksim Square (Istanbul) by Inter.National.Design (credits: Y. Akgul; O. Ulusoy, 2020). AGATHÓN 09 | 2021




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Martino, C., Eti Proto, M. and Cosentino, S. (2021) “Spatial design. Experiences and experiments of urban regeneration for a possible taxonomy”, AGATHÓN | International Journal of Architecture, Art and Design, 9(online), pp. 204–213. doi: 10.19229/2464-9309/9202021.



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